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How To Sell Your Car For Highest Price

Tips to sell your used car fast and get highest price

Price. Value. That's what it all comes down to. If you want to get the best price for your used car, truck, SUV or other vehicle, that's going to require a considerable amount of market research and sales savvy. Lucky for you, because of the current economic climate, less people are buying new cars. That means less used cars on the market. It then becomes a simple supply and demand equation resulting in higher used car prices. pays the highest price for your used car because, simply put, we NEED CARS TO SELL to stay in business! The big decision for you is, do you want to deal with all the hassles of selling your car privately? If you would rather not place your own ads and have strangers call or worse, come to your house, then call us. We take all the hassle out of selling your used car including professionally handling all CA DMV paperwork for you.

However if you are one of those brave souls willing to dive into the used car market on your own, what follows are important tips regarding pricing your car for a quick sale at the highest price.

Setting The Right Price For Your Used Car

Setting the right price for your car is a blend of research and intuition. That means checking local classified ads, researching auto price guides and making your car as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. Refer to our Car Care Tips to Sell Your Used Car Fast. Keep in mind, if you price your used car right, you could quickly get the full value of your car. But if you price your car too high or too low you could wait a long time for a serious buyer to call or e-mail.

Your goal is to list your car at a competitive price, but one that's on the high end of the price range. This gives you wiggle room to negotiate and still get a decent dollar amount for you car. So decide how much you REALLY want to close the deal and work from there.

For instance you want to sell your car for $6,000. You should list it at about $6,750. With more expensive cars, you need to leave more room, so to get $17,000, you should list the car at $18,500. Everybody likes to think they've negotiated a good price!

There are plenty of tools and resources for finding the sweet spot for pricing your used car. Here's a step-by-step guide to this important process.

1. Consider the market. Is your car in demand? Can you ask for top dollar? Is this the right time to sell it? Here are a few general rules to help you answer these questions.

Family sedans, while considered boring to some, are in constant demand by people who need basic, inexpensive transportation.

Getting a good price for a convertible or sports car depends on the season in which you sell it. Sunny, summerlike weather brings out the buyers. If you sell in the fall and winter, prepare for the process to take longer.

Trucks and vans, which people often use for work, sell quickly and command competitive prices. Don't underestimate their value.

Collector cars take longer to sell and are tricky to price. However, these cars can bring good sale prices — if you find the right buyer.

Take into account any other market conditions that might have an impact on your car. For example, if your car gets good fuel economy and gas prices are high, you will be able to ask more for it than when gas is cheap. Similarly, selling a supersize SUV for top dollar is going to be tough if gas prices are sky high.

2. Check the Pricing Guides. The Dusty Car Buyerz consult NADA, Edmunds, Ebay and other market indicators to determine the fair value of your car. We also go by what happens at dealer auctions and what our customers are willing to pay. You could do the same or just forget about all that hassle and call us!

3. Study your competition. Review classified ads on such Web sites as Auto Trader, Craigslist and eBay Motors to see the asking prices for other cars like yours. Most sites offer advanced searches to find close matches to your vehicle. But keep in mind that these are asking prices, not selling prices, and might just be wishful thinking by the seller. Compare the cars' condition, mileage, geographic location and asking price to your vehicle to guide you in setting the right price.

4. Price your car competitively. As mentioned earlier, be sure to leave wiggle room for negotiations. Ask for slightly more money than you expect. If you get your asking price, that's great. But if you have to go lower, it won't be a terrible loss.

5. Trust your intuition. Once you have considered all the facts, it's time to listen to your intuition. Perhaps you have a feeling that your car is desirable, or that the time is right for you to ask a certain price. As you do this gut check, remember that it's always a good idea to err on the side of a higher asking price. If necessary, you can lower the price until you get callers. On the other hand, if you err on the low side, you'll sell it quickly but won't get the car's full value.

We Take the Hassle Out Of Selling Your Used Car

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